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In this animated film from Pixar, Ian and Barley, two brothers who lost their father to an illness, are given the opportunity to have their father back for one day through the use of an old magic wand. When the spell becomes botched, the brothers set off on an adventure to find the magic stone that will result in being able to see their dad. I liked the movie mostly for its message about parenting and being about to recognize the amazing things we do without even realizing how amazing they are. I would not consider this a film that would appeal to all ages. I think that really young kids would find the scenes with the dragon kind of scary, and I don’t think teenagers would really like the film at all; it is sweet, but almost to a fault. The film gets a thumbs up from me, but I don’t think it measures up at all to the animation quality, score, and story of their other more successful film, Soul. (2020; 3.5 Stars)

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