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In this very odd rock opera, Adam Driver plays Henry, a comedian who has an unusual style that includes mocking the audiences that seem to not be able to get enough of him. Ann (Marion Cotillard), a rising opera singer, is his lover. As his career begins to decline and hers rise, they have a baby Annette; if you haven’t read much about the story, I will leave the story of Annette to your own viewing and interpretation. This film was perplexing. The opening scene was fantastic, and the music was some of the best in the film. However, I …

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Nicholas Cage plays Robin, a recluse who lives in the woods outside of Portland Oregon with his truffle-hunting pig, sells truffles the pig finds to a young businessman. One evening, marauders break into his house and steal the pig. Robin sets off to Portland to find his pig. The premise sounds very strange, so I started off wondering how a movie with that as the plotline would be interesting and where could that go. Well, it was much more than I expected. I loved the movie a LOT. First, Nicholas Cage is great. I have not been a huge fan …

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