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Nicholas Cage plays Robin, a recluse who lives in the woods outside of Portland Oregon with his truffle-hunting pig, sells truffles the pig finds to a young businessman. One evening, marauders break into his house and steal the pig. Robin sets off to Portland to find his pig. The premise sounds very strange, so I started off wondering how a movie with that as the plotline would be interesting and where could that go. Well, it was much more than I expected. I loved the movie a LOT. First, Nicholas Cage is great. I have not been a huge fan of most of his action films, but there are several that I like: Moonstruck; Leaving Las Vegas; Adaptation; and his latest bloodbath of a movie, Mandy, was surprisingly good. Cage plays a character that has elements of all of these people – what we get is a moody and likable guy with a purpose seeking to avenge a loss with very little blood and a lot of depth. It is a character he knows how to play, one that he has played dozens of times, in parts, across several films. Second, I was fascinated from the moment he started his journey into Portland; I felt like I was watching a David Lynch movie with its unusual characters and the sheer pleasure of not knowing what to expect next and hanging onto every scene. The score is varied and wonderful. The movie is funny in parts and serious, deep, and emotionally intense in others. There are moments that are sublime in how they capture a feeling. The story of the theft of a pig turns into something much deeper. I wish that story had come together more tightly in the end, but I was completely engrossed in the acting and the sheer joy of being surprised by where the film kept going. I loved it. (2021; 4.5 Stars)

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