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tick, tick, BOOM!

Lin-Manuel Miranda directed this film based on a one-man show by Jonathan Larson, the playwright who wrote the lyrics and book for the musical Rent. Before he wrote Rent, he wrote a screenplay for a science fiction musical; the process of writing this became the subject for tick, tick Boom!  I loved the film. Andrew Garfield is fantastic as Larson; I didn’t know much about him, but Garfield seems to capture his crazy spirit (and he rather looks like him as well). I didn’t realize that Garfield could sing, but he clearly found a voice in this film. It is a wonderful ode to struggling artists and to New York City that is home to many of them. In the film, you can also see glimmers of his life and his music that would ultimately become infused into a play that was a foundational story of the AIDS epidemic in NYC. Rent was the first play I had seen on Broadway (well, I saw it off-Broadway first, then on Broadway a couple of years later). It was that play that sold me on the magic of the theater scene in NYC and what has had me returning year after year to see other wonderful plays. Lin-Manuel wrote that Rent was his inspiration; he later played Larson in the stage play of tick, tick, Boom! and then of course went on to write and star in his own groundbreaking musical, Hamilton. I don’t know if those who are not into the theater will appreciate this as much as I did, but the is a fun and joyous time. Big thumbs up from me. (2021; 4.5 Stars)


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