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In this unusually told documentary, the filmmaker uses a combination of archival footage and minimalist animation to tell the story of Amin, who grew up in Kabul and became a refugee as a young teenager and ultimately made his way to Denmark. It is near the date that Amin is going to marry his soon-to-be husband, and his story is one that he has not told anyone, including his partner, and his not telling the story is becoming a problem in their relationship. Why he never told anyone becomes clearer as the film progresses. I liked the ingenuity displayed in the use of animation, a well-established way of telling stories but one that hasn’t been explored much in this way in a documentary. It seemed like an appropriate way to maintain a “safe” psychological distance between Amin and his story and reflects the strangeness of his journey and his feelings about it. The animation is very minimal, nonetheless tells a powerful story. His story is powerful, sad, and happy all at once, and it conveys that it is likely that someone in Amin’s situation will probably always feel like a refugee at some level. I loved the movie. (2021; 4.5 Stars)

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