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House of Gucci

This is the story, inspired by true events, of the murder of Maurizio Gucci, heir to the Gucci business. Patrizia (Lady Gaga) marries Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver). Patrizia meets Gucci at a bar and seems to recognize an opportunity when she saw one. The film is about their marriage, Patrizia’s orchestrations to consolidate power of the empire in her husband, and their ultimate estrangement. On the plus side, the costuming is great – there are a lot of fabulous dresses donned by Lady Gaga during the movie – giving the film a sense of fashion extravagance. Lady Gaga seems to have been made for the part; she can certainly rock any dress. She manages to pull off simultaneously the role of serious wife and a caricature of that role; I was never quite sure whether to laugh or react seriously to some of it, but her performance works. Adam Driver is not bad, either, playing a rather shy person who manages to find his own voice and power as he continues to consolidate power. There is also a funny storyline in which Selma Hayek plays the psychic for Patrizia. What I had trouble with is that I couldn’t tell whether this was extravagant satire or serious drama; I wanted to laugh through the over-emphasized (and not always well-executed) Italian accents; or Jared Leto’s unrecognizable performance as Mauritzio’s cousin Paolo, which was mostly played to excess and made Paolo appear to be a buffoon (and maybe in real life he was). I imagined a different movie made by Tom Ford, whose story was featured in the film, with his eye for color and extravagance who could have done wonders with the script. The film is too long and, in the end, not very memorable. I really didn’t know much about the Gucci family and realized I after it was all over I didn’t really care much about them. It gets a very weak thumbs up for me, mostly for some of the performances and, when the story works, it does so well. (2021; 2.5 Stars)

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