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The film starts out by stating it is a “fable from a true tragedy”. The director creates a film focused on three-day period around the Christmas holiday with the Royal family. This was after any hope of a marriage between Charles and Diana had ended, and she seemed to be permanently estranged from the royal family. Pablo Larraín imagines what those three days were like for Diana. This is an interesting film, one that I really like, that depends so much on the ability of Stewart to channel Larraín’s imagination of Diana. And she does a remarkable job. I was reminded of his previous film, Jackie, that also depended on the close collaboration with Natalie Portman to successfully pull of an imagined world of Onassis after Kennedy was assassinate. Kristen Stewart looks like Diana in several scenes, especially in all those dresses, but she also captures something deeper about Diana, a fear, a claustrophobia, and ultimately a sense of freedom and independence. She does this so naturally. I am impressed how the director and Stewart work so well here. The music is great – sometimes I felt like I was in a Victorian novel, other times in a horror movie, and Stewart disappeared effortlessly into each mood. I love the movie, I love what Stewart did with the role, and I love what Larraín as director and imaginator did with the story. (2021; 4.5 Stars)


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