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(France) As a young girl, Alexia was in a car accident that resulted in a titanium plate screwed onto her skull. Cut to adulthood: Alexia is heading to her shift at an auto show, a place where women dance erotically around cars for men who give them tips for their performances. A man follows her and wants her autograph, then a kiss, then tries to force himself on her. She stabs him through the ear with her metal hairpin, killing him. Next, she has sex with a car and becomes impregnated. And the absurdities continue – it turns out she is a serial killer, and after setting fire to her parent’s home, she sees a poster of a missing child. She cuts her hair, breaks her nose, and passes as Adrien, the son of a fireman. This film is not going to be one for everyone. It uses body horror as its main tactic. What is interesting is that, no matter how absurd the film gets, there is a tenderness and emotional depth underneath of it that is very endearing. As her relationship with her “father” deepens, she depends on him more and more; they both need each other more than they think they do. If you aren’t into horror movies, then don’t see this, but if you are, and you want to see something crazy, a film with beautiful cinematography and that pops with color, and that has buried way underneath an endearing story, check this one out. (2021; 4 Stars)

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