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The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield play Tammy Faye and Jim Baker. Those of us of a certain age will certainly remember them as the founders of the PTL Club (The Jim and Tammy Show) who amassed a fortune in their evangelism ministry and then lost it all quickly in a major corruption scandal (and, of course, infidelity). The best thing about the film is Chastain: She is remarkable as Tammy Faye in the singing voice, all the make-up – she is the reason that you are so drawn into the movie. Andrew Garfield is good as well, but Chastain steals …

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Parallel Mothers

(Spanish) Almodóvar’s latest film concerns two women – Janis, who is in her 40’s, and Teresa, who is a teenager – who strike up a bond while sharing a hospital room as both are preparing to give birth. That connection and how it happens is one storyline. In another storyline, Janis, a photographer, has an affair with Arturo, an archeologist who specializes in digs related to Spain’s civil war. Janis asks him to help her to organize a dig of a plot of land where many of her male relatives were murdered and buried. These two stories are woven together …

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The Batman

Robert Pattinson is the latest to don the cape and play the Batman. There is absolutely no disappointment in that choice. The film is different from previous Batman films in its very film-noir approach to the subject. In this film, Gotham City has been taken over by gangsters, drug lords who rule the city; major politicians and most of the police department has been bought off. I loved the characterization of the city, its darkness and the chaos. The filming in this regard is fantastic. The Batman is widely despised by the city and is characterized as a villain by …

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