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I Am Thinking Of Ending Things

This is Charlie Kaufman’s latest film (Screenwriter for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich, Adaptation; Director for Anomalisa and Synecdoche, New York). At the start, we are with a couple who are in a new relationship who are on their way to meet his parents; the woman (Jessie Buckley, who was great in Wild Rose) is thinking to herself, “I am thinking of ending things”. Her boyfriend (Jessie Plemons) seems to be reading her mind and asks her if she said something. That is the start of a very strange yet highly creative film. I won’t even …

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In Fabric

In this British thriller, a woman who is recently separated, lonely, and struggling to raise a rebellious teenage boy, wanders into a dress shop and purchases a striking red dress for a date with someone she has met through a local newspaper singles site. After she buys the dress, a number of strange things begin to happen to her; it is clear that her purchase unleashes some kind of evil force that affects her and others who come into possession of the dress. This is a rather interesting film. It is kind of a horror film but without a lot …

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Train to Busan (Korean, English Subtitles)

For all of you who like Zombie movies, definitely check out this South Korean addition to the genre – you won’t be disappointed! Seok-Woo is a divorced, selfish, self-absorbed stock trader who doesn’t seem to have much time for his daughter, Su-an. Seok-Woo finally gives in and promises to take Su-an on the train to see her mother. At the same time, a strange virus is turning people into zombies, and one of them finds its way on the train to Busan. The rest of the film is about the harrowing train ride to Busan. There were a lot of …

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10 Cloverfield Lane

Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has left her boyfriend and is headed down the road when she gets into a car accident. When she wakes, she finds that she is handcuffed to a bar in a cellar. Howard (John Goodman), her captor, tells her that there has been a chemical attack and that she is safe. Sharing the bunker is a third person Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.).  The “real story” unfolds over the course of the film, and I won’t say much at all to keep all of the plot twists fresh. Just when you think you are figuring it out, …

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99 Homes

Dennis (Andrew Garfield), his mom (Laura Dern) and his son have fallen behind in their mortgage payments, Rick (Michael Shannon), a real estate developer who profits on foreclosures, evicts Dennis from the home he grew up in. Living in a motel and desperate to find a job, Dennis goes to work for Rick. He starts out by cleaning a backed-up toilet that has flooded a foreclosed home. Soon, Dennis quickly gets involved in other aspects of Rick’s business. This is a really great film. It is rather different from many of Ramin Bahrani’s other films – Chop Shop, Man Push …

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It Follows

In the opening scenes, a young woman is running scared from something we don’t see. The reason why becomes clear when Jay, the lead character, is involved in a very unusual sexual encounter. She wakes up to find herself tied to a wheelchair, and her sex partner tells her that he has passed something onto her and, in the process, has rid himself of it. Jay will be followed by something that takes on various human forms that only she can see. How that plays out with her and her friends is the story of this really original film. I …

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