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Animated film by Hayao Miyazaki about a little goldfish who dreams of being a human girl. One day, she slips past her father and travels to the surface of the ocean, only to be rescued by a little boy Sosuki. He immediately is taken by the goldfish and names her Ponyo. The rest of the movie is her adventure toward realizing her dream. The best thing about this film is the animation – its action and rich, brilliant colors are sensational. It is a very original fairy tale that is a twist to the “Little Mermaid” story that is not …

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Food, Inc.

Documentary that explores where our food comes from and what has been happening to our food over the past 50 years. There are a lot of parts of the film that you may not want to see but should see – how Iowa Beef Processors (now Tyson) treats the cows and chickens and processes their meat. Especially unnerving is the story of tactics Monsanto uses to ensure that genetically modified soybeans are what ends up on your table. The film also traces the history of the radical changes in our food supply to the beginning of the fast food era. …

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