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This is an early film by Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople; What we Do in the Shadows; JoJo Rabbit) centers Boy, a young boy of about 12 or 13 years. He lives with his younger brother Rocky and a variety of young cousins. He serves as the male caretaker of his bother and cousins while their nan is away. Boy idolizes his father, who he hasn’t seen in 7 years since his father went to prison, and Michael Jackson. When his father suddenly shows up, he is forced to reconcile his worship of an idealized father with the one …

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Waste Land

This documentary follows the photographer Vik Muniz, Brazilian by birth but living in the US, as he returns to Brazil to photograph the workers at the world’s biggest garbage dump. The workers pick recyclables from the garbage, and the film captures their ecosystem. I found the story of the community and social and political structure that exists because of the employment opportunities fascinating. But the best part is watching the photographer create his photographs using the workers and the garbage they collect as subjects and how the film tells a richer story about the human condition. The credits indicate that …

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Countdown to Zero

This documentary examines the history of nuclear weapons and their proliferation, beginning with the development of the atomic bomb that was used to destroy Hiroshima and Nagasake. Much of the film is spent examining the ways that highly enriched uranium can be bought and sold. The film has some good information to share, and it shows \clearly why a world with nuclear weapons is not a good place to live. There is also an impressive array of scientists, political leaders, and diplomats who weigh in on various aspects of nuclear weapons proliferation. As a documentary, however, I feel that it …

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Tiny Furniture

Aura (Lena Dunham) has just graduated from college with a film degree and returns home to live with her mother and sister Nadine (played by her Lena’s sister Grace), who is about the graduate from high school. The film provides a very interesting and very personal look at what it is like to be thrust into “the real world” with not a lot of prospects. She finds a job as a restaurant hostess that doesn’t last very long. She meets a man Jed who is kind of a waste and doesn’t reciprocate her interests. She fights with her mom and …

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The Switch

Jason Bateman plays Wally, a somewhat neurotic business executive who seems to be in love with Kassie, played by Jennifer Anniston, who is rather non-serious about life. They both seem to be in love with each other with their “best friendship” getting in the way. Kassie, her biological clock ticking, decides to have a baby through artificial insemination, with Roland. She has a party to celebrate the occasion. Wally gets drunk, and I will just say that some very important ingredients for creating a baby get mixed up. The movie overall is very lite, has its funny moments, and is …

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Marisa Miller Wolfson recruits and follows three people – Brian, Tesla, and Ellen – as they agree to take on a vegan diet for 6 weeks. They are all checked in with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, an MD who is an expert in nutrition. The film is interesting in some respects. It probes many of the questions that those who think about taking on a vegan diet have. It also examines the food industry and its practices of raising and killing animals for food. Also explored are reactions to family and friends and how people who decide to become vegan make …

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