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Gozilla vs. Kong

Hollow Earth conspiracy theory, high-tech sound and color, corny dialog, and complete destruction come together in this film, a remake of a 1960’s version, that brings together the stories of Godzilla from the 2019 film and Kong: Skull Island from the 2017 film. In the beginning, Kong is being watched by a scientist and her young daughter to whom Kong has taken a liking. In another part of the world, Godzilla suddenly appears on the rampage and then disappears; the girl whom Godzilla saved is puzzled by what is going on. Events conspire to bring the two super-beasts together. For …

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In Danny Boyle’s latest film, Jack Malik plays a young singer/songwriter who cannot seem to find success. He plays in small venues with a handful of listeners (mostly his friends). One night, he is riding his bike home and is hit by a bus. He soon discovers that no one has ever heard of the Beatles, and he soon discovers what it is like to be famous as he releases their songs. From a technical perspective, the film is mediocre. There is not a lot of control over the script, and sometimes the story goes to strange places that don’t …

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