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Cuties (Mignonnes

(French, dubbed in English in the Netflix version): Amy, who is Senegalese, lives with her mother and brother in a Paris neighborhood. She wants to become a member of the Cuties, a hip-hop dance group. She befriends Jess, one of the Cuties, and soon teaches herself the dance moves, begins to dress like them, and begins teaching them new dance moves that she has found on the internet. The controversy over this film is completely overblown, but I will leave that aside for the moment and focus on what the film is. It is a striking coming of age film …

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The Reports on Sarah and Saleem (Arabic and Hebrew, subtitled)

Sarah is Israeli and works in a cafe in Jerusalem, and Saleem is Palestinian and works as a deliveryman. Saleem delivers to her café, and at nights, they meet and have sex in his van. One night, Saleem invites Sarah to the West Bank to have a drink, a place where he feels that both can be together as regular people. But there is an altercation with one of the patrons of the bar, and soon Saleem finds himself arrested and being asked questions about his “recruiting” Sarah for political purposes. The film thoughtfully and expertly tells the story of …

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