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2018 Oscar Nominated Shorts (Animation)

What a fun lot of animated shorts! Four of them timed at 7 minutes or less, and one was 29 minutes, but each of them tells an interesting story using very different animation styles. Dear Basketball (USA; https://www.go90.com/videos/261MflWkD3N), voiced by Kobe Bryant, is his ode to a long and successful career in the sport that he loved. The animation is a series of pencil sketches and with splashes of purple and gold. Lou (USA/Pixar) tells the story of a schoolyard bully who turns a corner when he comes into contact with the creature from the lost and found box. Revolting …

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2018 Best Actors, Actresses, Director, and Ensemble

I never try to predict who will win, but here are my favorites for 2017. I also include a section at the end for ensembles, because this year, more than others I recall, films were great because of the combination of superb acting and directing. Best Actor: I loved Timothee Chalamet’s performance (Call Me by Your Name), but his best (and IMHO most stunning) scenes came at the end. Gary Oldman’s performance was solid (Darkest Hour), but the movie felt scattered and left me mostly uninterested. I felt similarly about Denzel Washington’s performance (Roman J Israel, ESQ) as a lawyer …

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My Favorite Films of 2017

Several films clustered right at the top for me, making it challenging to pick what I thought was the best. I rated the best as 4.5 or 5 Stars, and my final decision on the top 15 rests on how much of an impact the film made on me. Exemplary acting, music, screenplay, cinematography, are essential and taken for granted in these selections; however, movies I thought about days, weeks, and even months afterward are what topped my list. So, here are my favorites: Phantom Thread: Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis again team up to create a surprising, weird, …

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Moonlight is the Oscar 2017 Best Picture Winner!

This was an exciting year for film in terms of diversity AND Moonlight absolutely deserved Best Picture (as well as Best Supporting Actor and Adapted Screenplay) honors. It is a beautiful story focusing on three periods in a young gay Black man’s life. The film is so personal in its approach that it transcends its own story about Black and gay and becomes something bigger about being different and how we experience the world as “other”. There were some great films this year, but this one stands out for me as one that I continue to think about. I will …

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Diversity in the Movies in 2016

Diversity in the Oscar race: Last year, I remember that there were many issues raised about the lack of diversity in the Oscar’s. I agreed with this (although last year, in my opinion, there were not a lot of really strong, award-worthy performances by African-American actors. The root of the problem, I feel, is that there are not enough roles for black directors and black actors to really shine. This year is very different. I wrote to someone that if African-American actors and directors swept Picture, Director, Actor/Actress, Supporting Actor/Actress, and Documentary, I would not be disappointed. Has it happened …

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